Overcoming Temptation

Are you being tempted right now? Let’s lay it all on the table, did you do something you promised God you weren’t going to continue? Did you watch something that is a worldly pleasure that does not glorify His kingdom? Have you cheated on a test before?

You are not alone; I was tempted last week and failed! Each one of us has been presented with temptation in one form or another. Temptation can be something or someone trying to deceive you and move you away from what God wants you to do. Everyone in the Bible was tempted, think back to the first sin. Adam and Eve were deceived by the temptation of the forbidden fruit. The serpent presented the fruit as enticing and told Eve that she would become like God. One command was given to Adam and Eve and they disobeyed and allowed temptation to cloud their judgment and suffered from it.

Like the first sin, temptation can strike at any time and catch us off guard. Although we don’t have a snake checking up behind us, we are tempted by everyday choices.Temptations can appear at home, work, online, and even church. Lusting with the eyes is where I fall into the trap of temptation. Temptation looks different for everyone. The same temptations we face, Jesus has encountered them as well. A time where Jesus was tempted was in the wilderness for 40 days and nights. The devil is very much real and wants to see you fail. Jesus has warned us that the devil is the father of all Lies “John 8:44” The devil will succeed if you let your guard down for one second.

A second of weakness can lead to a moment of sin. Sin will always take you further than you wanted to go and keep you longer than you wanted to stay. We play the blame game and ask God why he tempts us, but in reality, our sin nature is what consumes our judgment. The Lord does not tempt us into sin. (James 1:13), it is the work of the devil. The Lord overcame temptation and sacrificed His life so we can be set free. Life is full of trials and temptations that we all face. God has promised salvation but not an easy road towards it.

Jesus’ temptations occurred in the wilderness. At the time of the encounter, Jesus has fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. The Lord was tempted by Satan three seperate times. The first temptation, Satan asked Jesus to turn a stone into bread. After fasting 40 days and nights, who wouldn’t be hungry, but Jesus responded with (Matthew 4:4). Instead of giving in for a moment of satisfaction. The Lord is dependent on His heavenly father and exercises control. Satan tries again to deceive Him. The second temptation, Satan questions Jesus to jump off the temple and ask His angels to catch him. Jesus answered him saying, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test” (Matthew 4:7). Jesus knew that the Lord’s divinity should not be tested and rejected the temptation of Satan.

In the third temptation, Satan takes God to a high mountain and shows Him all the kingdoms of the world. The devil then says, bow down and worship me and all this can be yours. The lord refuses and says worship the Lord your God and only serve Him. The Lord recognized that the only way to true salvation is through God alone no one else! Each response given to Satan was on the firm belief of the word.

When you are tempted, do you run to God for answers or do you rely on yourself for refuge? Overcoming temptation is responding to it with the Word of God and fleeing from it. Temptations will come and we will struggle with sin, but we can fight against it with the weapons of the Bible. 

Don’t allow temptations to pull you further away from your heavenly father!

Questions to ask yourself

How do I respond to temptation?

Do I play it off my temptation as a mistake?

Do I question God for bringing trials/temptations into my life?

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Temptation

  1. I think its really good to put into perspective that fact that Jesus had gone through temptation and knows what it is like. All of our temptation may not look the same, but we can still overcome and escape them them with the Lords help.

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