Get OFF your BUTT

man on running field

God is good, all the time and all the time God is good. Have you taken a deep breath lately and looked around at how lucky you are? Actually, taken in all the blessings you have received throughout your life? Your health, your sight, your limbs, your voice! Yes, you may not have everything that you want but you have something a lot of people wish they had. God has given us a voice to spread His word to the voiceless and has given us a healthy body to preserve ourselves.

17 She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.

Proverbs 31:17 (NIV)

I praise God that He has given you the ability to see my blog today and learn or reflect on something you haven’t done in a while. We all get caught up in the daily life and get aggravated at unnecessary things. If we don’t lend our thoughts and energy to the foolish things or phases in that moment, we can have a better outcome Romans 12:2.

Do not give yourself the excuse. You have the energy, your just tricking your mind to say “relax”. Self-care is a MUST but making excuses and preteninding your laziness is nonexistent is refutable. Stand up right now and complete a task that you have put off for too long. If anything, you should know about relaxation from all of 2020. Remember when everyone was happy about not going to work, then it slowly turned upside down; no FRIENDS, no PARTIES, kids in the house 24/7 and stay at home orders!!

Quarantine should have taught us all that we should not take our health or time for granted. I haven’t posted in a while so, I stopped making the excuse of I have no time. Yet, I have the time to go on tic-tok and watch youtube till 3 am. But I don’t have time to dive into Gods’ word and spread His glory? Did I get convicted? YES. Your spirit convicts you to, but just like a phone we put our spirt on mute and stay in the worldly noise for too long. Get up, finish the task you put off. Give thanks to another day of life. Send a message to someone who needs a pick me up. Be grafeful for that stimulas check and take your spirt off mute and let it ring for all to hear!

Published by Ivanna Riggs

I'm tryna figure out life too! Let's try together and spread the word of God as sisters and brothers in Christ!

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