The Fallen Angel

When you read the title did it give you chills? Every time I hear the story of the Fallen Angel or talk about his name, I feel this dark sense around me. Today we are going to talk about the once beautiful angel and Gods’ right hand. To the deceiver and the cast out demon.

If we call ourselves believers, we have to know all the facts. Focusing on Jesus and leaning onto His doctrines allows up to grow, but we also need to understand who wants us to stray. God is the alpha and the omega, meaning the beginning and the end. Satan worshipped Jesus and wanted to be more like Him. So much that he wanted to be better than Him. Satan was infatuated with his beauty and position that he began to desire for himself the honor and glory that belonged to God alone (Isaiah 14:12). Just like Satan, we follow our desires and sin. We become prideful in our wishes and expect a different outcome every time.

Satan was cast out of heaven for overstepping and running to his self-glory. How many times have we become prideful in life and forget that we put God on the sidelines? When life seems to be going ok, we forget the habit of praying. How many times do we forget to pick up our bible and say, “I don’t have time”? Just like anything you want to do, you will make time to do it. Satan was motivated by his craving for superiority that he lost his place. Satan is far more than the stereotype of a red figure with a pitchfork and horns. He seeks destruction and wants to manipulate us into following his actions.

God cast the devil out because he was lustful in himself. Satan was obsessing in his will and not in our Heavenly Father’s will for him. Satan is also called the father of all lies. (John 8:44) we see this from the beginning. Satan told his first lies to Eve, to deceive her and draw her away from God. We do the same in allowing curiosity to draw us near to sinful desires. This is how Satan operates; he takes God’s truth and contradicts them so people can stray. The Lord says Jesus is the only way to salvation (John 14:6) while Satan says, “if you are a good person of any belief you’ll get to heaven”. God is an everlasting love (1 John 4:7-8). But Satan says, “how can a loving God allow suffering?”. God is alive and by our side (Joshua 1:9) but Satan says, “God is dead”.

We have been subjected to these lies when we feel broken and angry. So, Satan continues to fill us up with distractions and disruptions. Satan believes in God so much that he contradicts His doctrines. Satan hates our Heavenly Father with all his being. God is perfect and untouchable…. but we are not (Psalm 18:30). So, Satan goes after God’s children. Satan disguises his hatred for us and fills into our egos, allowing you and I to turn our backs to God. Today I ask God to renew me and show me His way for my life. I ask Him to cure me of self-loathing and look to Him for clarity. Let us take the journey to become like Christ and turn our backs to Satan together!

5 Things the Devil wants from you

  • For you to live in fear
  • For you to doubt God
  • For you to feel insecure
  • For you to fail
  • For you to throw down your crown!

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still”

Exodus 14:14

Published by Ivanna Riggs

I'm tryna figure out life too! Let's try together and spread the word of God as sisters and brothers in Christ!

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